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Guardian of the mean streets of Croix-Noire, the roughest red light district in France (with the best songs, comic and game!)

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The Album:


“A fascinating piece…I love this, it’s right up my bubble-gum tree” 
– Barry Robinson, Classic Album Review
“The music has a punky energy to it”

- David Sillito, BBC Arts
“Heart crunching tenderness…flashy guitar rock driving Capelli’s soaring vocals” 

– Record Collector 

“a truly immersive cross-media experience”
- Games Press


Songs From Croix-Noire - Ace Hansel Jr
A Whole New Day - Ace Hansel Jr
Hot Dog Wine - Ace Hansel Jr
Rainbow Maze - Ace Hansel Jr
Bury Me In Tahiti - Ace Hansel Jr
The Runaway - Ace Hansel Jr

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Film: A Star is Drawn
[The Making of Croix-Noire]
A Whole New Day
Rainbow Maze
Hot Dog Wine
Bury Me In Tahiti
The Runaway
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THE Comic Books! 

The extraordinary story of capeless superhero ACE HANSEL JR- whose superpower is the manipulation of EMOTIONS. Drawn by top comic artist Mike Collins (Superman, The Hulk, Batman) and Written by Emmy winner David Quantick.  

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The Game

The game is probably way TOO COOL for you! Probably best not to bother with it.

Only kidding, but do watch your back for nasty horrible cyborg were-bears jumping out of the shadows and trying to tear you limb from limb. Its not rude or so horrendous that kids can't engage with it but its a bit dark and kind of scary. You can have a lot of fun in there though but you have to like shooting people and getting shot. We are very proud of the quality of the game. We hope you enjoy it.



ACE HANSEL JR is the downbeat superhero of the Graphic Novel/comic series (based on the novella by  David Quantick). The album “Songs from Croix-Noire”  by Mike Batt and Jean-Charles Capelli (and sung by Capelli as Ace Hansel Jr) is available from all the usual outlets , physical and digital. Drawn by Marvel/DC legend Mike Collins, the Graphic Novel is issued initially as seven comic book episodes, unusually including the prose novel chapters after each 20 page comic book story, so you can compare the original with how it has been adapted for the comic.


Ace is the son of a foreign legion officer who gave his life to save his brother officer. In gratitude, his comrade, Lt Col Talbot has saved Ace from a life of petty crime, and trained him up to be the guardian of Croix-Noire, a notorious red light district riddled with crime, and the centre of an ancient cult that is searching for the Unholy Grail.


Ace’s “superpowers” are provided by Col Talbot in the form of a belt that can manipulate the emotions of others. This transforms Ace into a superhero who can often avoid violence by dispensing his emotional control over his adversaries. The two men use a humble pharmacy as a front for their crime-fighting operation. Below the pharmacy is a vast cavernous laboratory/HQ.   You can get  physical comics in newsagents and from and check our blog for news, including the imminent release of the comics digitally, and the complete graphic novel in print form.

The Characters

Ace Hansel Jr.

Orphaned by a terrorist in the Middle East when his soldier father gives his life to save his brother Officer (Talbot), Ace learns his vocation; to protect his beloved but run-down neighbourhood. He can handle himself, but his superpowers come in very handy. They are not supernatural but man-made. In that sense he is more like a Bond character with Talbot as his Q and M.

Lt Col Talbot

Having promised Hansel’s dying father that he would look after Ace, Talbot leaves the army and acts as Hansel’s mentor, trainer and enabler, creating the vast HQ beneath the pharmacy. Unlike Ace (who hates killing) Talbot keeps his old service pistol in his lab coat pocket and isn’t afraid to use it.


She seems to pop up whenever Ace is in trouble or doing something foolish. There’s something of Jiminy Cricket in her. But is she real? She was Ace’s first crush, but she looks the same age now as she did back then.. Why is that? And why does she keep disappearing like a Cheshire cat?

Dr Carla Gamine 

Ace’s shrink. She has more letters after her name than an explosion in a Scrabble factory. The gorgeous psychiatrist gives Ace some medication. Is it to reverse his aggression towards her? What does she really want?

A mysterious femme fatale who claims to know the whereabouts of Hugo, Ace’s best pal. She claims he’s still alive. But who is she working for?


An exotic  dancer at the Little Pink Theatre, Fleurie is an old flame of Ace’s and one of the community of Croix Noire who both need him and help him.


A lowlife informer of Ace’s, who will do anything for the price of a drink or to avoid being beaten up. This doesn’t usually save him from being beaten up.

The Chairman (LaChaise)

A former terrorist hitman, now a powerful arch-enemy of Ace and Talbot. Not only was LaChaise the killer of Ace's dad, but now he runs La Societe, a vast international secret organisation who are searching for the Unholy Grail to give them ultimate power. 

Made out of spare parts collected from the living and the not-so living, the Chairman's personal bodyguards and army are mostly cyborg thugs like this guy. Seven feet tall, sharp claws and no sense of humour. 
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